Sherri Worth

Sherri Worth

As an experienced dental professional, Sherri Worth understands the importance of maintaining proper oral care. More »

Sherri Worth

Sherri Worth

Unfortunately, many individuals who have less than perfect teeth often suffer from awkward feelings, embarrassment, or even shame as a result of their condition. More »

Sherri Worth

Sherri Worth

As a knowledgeable dental professional, Sherri Worth has quite a bit of experience treating patients with periodontal disease. More »


Sherri Worth Explores Dental Restoration’s Soul-healing Effects

Sherri WorthSherri Worth owns one of the most successful reconstructive dentistry practices in California. Not only is she a leading expert in her field, she has also had the pleasure of completing dental procedures for many celebrities and well-known individuals. Her A-list clientele includes Tommy Lee, Bobby Crosby, Mark McGwire, Anna Kendrick, Johnnie Morton, and Debbie Siebers. Utilizing her wealth of experience in the field of reconstructive dentistry and her reassuring, upbeat personality, Dr. Worth has brought joy to countless clients who have entered her practice.

Dr. Worth’s incredible story

Sherri Worth was inspired to become a dentist when she was only a young girl. Because she was born without two of her front teeth, she understands all too well the pain and frustration that many individuals who have severe dental problems often feel. This childhood experience led her to work hard in school so that she would have the opportunity to help other people in her position.

Dr. Worth receives a fine education

Sherri Worth began her college career at the University of California in Los Angeles, where she earned a bachelor of science degree. After four years of completing her core courses, she decided to stay at the University of California to complete a doctorate degree in dental surgery. While at UCLA’s Center for Esthetic Dentistry, Dr. Worth received top-notch instruction in many restorative techniques. Today, Dr. Worth frequently attends meeting at the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry in order to stay informed of all the newest dental breakthroughs.

Providing patients with dental implants

Dr. Worth has quite a bit of experience with installing dental implants. This amazing technique can help to restore a patient’s smile like no other type of dental procedure. Dental implants are an attractive option for many individuals with chipped or missing teeth because they look and feel natural. In addition, this dental procedure is typically much more successful than bridgework at preventing tooth loss and gum recession, implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support.

Providing excellent overall dental care

Although Dr. Worth is renowned for her outstanding work in restorative dentistry, her practice also provides impeccable general care. Any patient who walks through the front door of her office can expect to receive top-notch treatment for everyday dental issues.

Helping an American hero

Sherri Worth recently offered her assistance to an extraordinarily brave solider who was injured in combat during the Iraq war. This incredible young man lost his eye and one of his teeth as a result of a bomb blast. When Dr. Worth heard about this gentleman’s story, she felt that she had to do whatever was necessary to help him regain his smile. Worth considers it a great privilege to have had the opportunity to provide restorative dentistry for this American hero.

Sherri Worth Thrills Countless Celebrity Clients

Sherri Worth is not your average cosmetic dentist. In fact, she has completed procedures for many celebrities and well-known individuals. Read what some of her all-star clients had to say about her fabulous work:

Dr. Douglas Ulmer, MDhad this to say: “I had an excellent experience, and my work was performed by an extremely competent and well-trained dentist. I received a beautiful transformation. And a very natural one. Painless. Meticulous work. The best thing I have ever done for myself!”

Terry Donahue, general manager of the San Francisco 49ers and former coach for the UCLA Bruins, raves, “Dr. Worth has proven a great dentist for our entire family. She provides us with wonderful dental care. We couldn’t feel more pleased. And she’s the best looking dentist in Newport Beach!”

Mary Baldoni, a stay-at-home mom who knows the value of having a beautiful smile, reports, “Dr. Sherri Worth is a total perfectionist, and her attention to detail is incredible. Dr. Worth will not allow anyone to leave her office unless his or her teeth are esthetically perfect. She is a natural artist and also great with her hands. Dr. Worth treats my entire family–she is great with children. My son aspires to become a dentist thanks to Dr. Worth’s inspiration and caring attitude.”

Daniel Materdomani, owner and president of DaVinci Dental Studios, writes, “We have worked together for the past ten years, and we have produced incredible smile transformations–she is very dedicated to her artistry and profession. Dr. Worth is a beauty, and so is her work…and so is her swing on the tee!”

Dr. Malcolm D. Paul, MD, a plastic surgeon, relates, “I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Worth over the past several years. She is a superb cosmetic dentist with impressive artistic talent. Her commitment to excellence in aesthetic dental restoration is evident in her work. The value of aesthetic dentistry in the template of facial rejuvenation is incredibly important in producing true harmony in appearance. I am continually impressed with the quality of her work.”

Lucy Rawlins, a UCLA Grad, former lobbyist, and mother of two, had this to say: “Dr. Worth is one of the most respected dentists in Newport Beach because of her expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. She has made such a difference in so many people’s lives, and she is a true asset to this community in so many ways. She works on the Distinguished Mentor Program at Newport Harbor High School and with Pretend City for Local Children. She was even on a Fox TV Program called The Swan. In addition, Dr. Worth has reconstructed smiles for local servicemen who have returned from the war. She has a true heart for giving to others. She is one special person. You are the best, Sherri!”

Tommy Lee, rock star drummer for Motley Crüe exclaims, “Dr. Sherri Worth’s work is amazing! She put a beautiful diamond in my tooth and tuned up the rest of my smile! She’s the best…oh, and did I mention she’s HOT!”

Mark McGwire, a major league baseball legend, says about his procedure: “I should have done this years ago. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

Debbie Siebers, a famous fitness expert, notes after having dental work, “This is truly a dream come true for me!”

In light of her experience and expertise, it is clear that Dr. Worth is an outstanding dental professional. She has restored the smiles of countless celebrities, medical professionals, and everyday individuals. Anyone would consider themselves lucky to have Sherri Worth perform their dental work.